I highly recommend Kelly as a hypnotherapist. I have been suffering with Chronic PTSD for many years with nothing helping. I had two sessions with Kelly and I’m ok for the first time in 40 years. I became so desperate to try anything I gave hypnotherapy a go, which is something people had always advised against. Kelly is a God send and has given me a chance to live my life with confidence and happiness. I will forever be thankful.“- Jessica Jurcec

“Kelly is amazing , very attentive and very detailed in her approach. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough she got me through a really tough period in my life and gave the skills to handle if these situations happen again in the future.” – Stewart Adams

“Kelly is an amazing professional and went above and beyond to help me. Thank you so much.”- Sabina Sulovsky 

“Kelly is wonderful. Professional and attentive. She made me feel safe and supported during a difficult time of change in my life.”- Lucy Russell 

“I saw Kelly last year for a few months & she was brilliant. I felt so safe every session & she really helped me with what was occurring in my life at the time. I frequently refer to her techniques and intensions that were set. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone.”- Shannon Nutt

“Kelly is an absolute legend! It’s such an amazing experience and she really helped me through some very difficult times in my life. Thanks to her, I now have regained my confidence and optimism. Could not recommend her enough!”- Alexandra Scarlett

I had always been curious to try hypnotherapy/NLP and for my birthday my husband sent me off to see Kelly From the first phone call Kelly and I ever had, I knew this was going to be a great experience. Kelly makes you feel right at home; when she hypnotised me for the first time I broke out into the giggles. The kind of giggles that are so random, so uncontrollable that you kinda feel like a psycho, but Kelly being Kelly made it seem oh so normal.

I think a lot of people go into these types of things expecting to be “fixed” after 1 or a few sessions and while that may be the case for some, I think it’s the exception rather than the rule. For me personally, the “breakthroughs” or little “ahuh” moments came when she took me through NLP techniques. A lot of it was just answering questions, combined with a bunch of other techniques.

The whole process gave me useful tools to continue using post all my sessions, and it allows you to create the space between you and your emotions and perception of reality to see things as they really are.

Thank you Kelly for being so bubbly, and warm, and for truly wanting to help people make a difference in their own lives (:” –Amanda Esnaola


I went to see Kelly some time ago now. I needed to make some large changes in my life and just didn’t have the confidence to believe I could possibly effect them.

I chose to work with Kelly because she did not promise me a magic pill.
Highly intelligent and calm, she led me through what felt like an incredibly concentrated form of counselling.

While fully aware of where I was and fully involved in the process, the altered state combined with Kelly’s skill and understanding of how the mind works allowed us to quickly locate my blockages and trigger points, and change my responses to familiar situations in a deep and lasting way.

What Kelly did with me snowballed.
Things shifted on deeper and deeper levels as time wore on. I am in a spot in my life I would never have thought possible before seeing Kelly and I would recommend her to anyone without any reservations whatsoever.
The changes were deep and profound and have lasted.” –Leonie Morris 


“Kelly is an amazing hypnotherapist. She’s helped me with relationship and life advice. I love coming to see her as our sessions are productive and have given me great tools to use at home. Highly recommended :)- Jay Bea


“I went to see Kelly to resolve a few confidence issues that had been weighing me down in my life. From the first session I found Kelly to be very engaging and easy to talk to and she brought out emotions in me that I had buried in my subconscious for a long time. The sessions I had with Kelly were life changing and I still use a lot of the techniques that Kelly showed me in our sessions. If you do have confidence and self-esteem issues that you want resolved I highly recommend Kelly.” –R.H

“Working with Kelly I was able to break some long term habits and learned behaviours that were getting in the way of me doing all the things I wanted to be doing and causing some anxiety. After just three visits I made a tonne more progress than I had done in the years trying to do this on my own. I thought about going to hypnotherapy for a long time and my only regret in the whole process is that I didn’t do this years ago. Thanks for all your help Kelly.”  –Sarah. P

I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone who wants to change!!! Kelly provided me with the tools and helped me come up with new strategies that assisted me in taking action and control of my life. I no longer feel stuck and I am no longer afraid to take action as I was before! Kelly, your skills are truly amazing and I love your enthusiasm, energy and humour. Thank you! “-A.M

“Kelly worked with me on a personal issue that had been plaguing me all my life. When we started working together I wasn’t even really clear on what the issue was. Kelly guided me through a simple process that allowed me to see things in a profoundly different way. She made the journey through change fun and enjoyable and I didn’t even have to “relive or unpack” the issue. Kelly helped me make peace with a part of me that had been a stumbling block for many years which left me feeling more resolved and relaxed than ever before! Thanks so much Kelly xx”  –J.N- Lifestyle Coach

“I went to Kelly for a particular issue that I have been trying to resolve for a few years. Kelly used a great NLP technique with me which immediately gave me a new awareness & insight. Since then my problem has cleared and I am feeling much happier and in control of the situation. I would highly recommend Kelly to help clearing any self sabotage or negative belief problems. Thanks Kelly you are great!” –M.C


Several friends told me they’d successfully quit smoking through hypnosis. I’d managed to cut down but as much as I wanted to stop smoking I just didn’t think I was capable of taking that final step. I spoke to a number of hypnotherapists and was impressed with Kelly’s calm and gentle manner and her lack of pushy hard sell.

I really enjoyed the process of hypnosis and how it left me feeling. I finished my first session with Kelly confident that I was going to be able to do it! Kelly gave me a number of techniques to use if I was challenged and it certainly got easier after the first couple of weeks.

I highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is looking to improve themselves. Thanks Kelly, you have helped me achieve something I couldn’t have done by myself.Margaret ‘Jess’ Frisk

“I met with Kelly Robinson as I was interested in using hypnotherapy to quit smoking. I thoroughly enjoyed the process with Kelly as she walked me through my own attitudes towards smoking and showed me the root of why I actually want to control this particular habit. Kelly’s technique not only gave me secret weapons to help safe guard myself against smoking but secret weapons on self empowerment, giving me the clarity to make decisions for my own personal development. I would highly recommend speaking to Kelly in regards to what she can offer regarding this unique style of therapy.” D.A Cinematographer 


Meeting Kelly was a great experience, I felt very comfortable from the off. She listened to exactly what I had to say and began to work on the issue right away.

After my first session Kelly promptly followed on with a reminder email with all techniques and guidance to keep me going, this helped a lot!!

Thankyou so much for your help and support Kelly.” Alex Mathewson 


Kelly is a miracle worker! After just one session, I gave up a habit that for a long time I felt had complete control over my life. Kelly is professional, warm, empathetic and makes her clients feel completely at ease and comfortable in her presence. I left the building feeling completely satisfied and confident in my ability to change. Her wholehearted enthusiasm and genuine kindness makes the whole process incredibly personalized yet also very enjoyable! Kelly has a wonderful gift and an infectious energy – I would not hesitate in recommending her services.” J.S Yoga Teacher

“Honestly had my doubts but I’m smoke free and strongly recommend!” zesketheking


After attending one of Kelly’s day courses at the Hub studios, I decided to see her for some private sessions to work through some personal issues that I felt were holding me back in my career as an actor. I can confidently say this was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Kelly helped me find the root of a negative belief I had about myself and I was able to let it go, replacing it with a positive mantra. Since seeing Kelly I have been more positive, more confident in myself and my ability as an actor. Kelly was so easy to work with. She was always so professional and I felt really comfortable opening up to her without any judgment. I highly recommend both Kelly and hypnotherapy as a way to release negative energy and move forward with your life.Nicole Robinson- Actress

The work I did with Kelly over 3 sessions was incredible and unlocked a lot of things within my work that I didn’t know was possible. The experience was very comfortable and she made me feel very at ease during the whole time. I would highly recommend anyone to see Kelly if they are interested in moving forward with not only their work but with their emotional blockages. I will definitely be seeing Kelly again.” Simone McDairmid – Actress

I found that Kelly’s mind training was a very calming experience and rid me of unnecessary anxiety in auditions. Thanks so much Kelly.Madeleine – Actress


I recently worked with Kelly Robinson before a trip to the US. I had some concerns about the increase in auditions and the lack of preparation I’d have beforehand. I found her methods very effective in releasing me from whatever fears or anxieties I might of had. It’s a great feeling to rediscover the fun of auditioning after all these years, even in such a fast paced environment. I’d highly recommend Kelly to anyone seeking to gain confidence and trust in themselves as an actor, or artist in any field.“-Matt Levett – Actor (THE SECRET DAUGHTER, DEVILS PLAYGROUND, A PLACE TO CALL HOME)


I’ve worked with Kelly to address some issues that I have long been aware of, yet couldn’t seem to overcome. She worked very quickly to help me and, after only two sessions, I feel confident that I can do my work without those distractions. I have no hesitation recommending Kelly to any performer wanting to address issues standing in the way of them doing their best work.Tara Clark– Actress, Writer, Producer, Director


Hi Kelly,

My hypnosis sessions with you truly paid off on the 24th September when I performed in front of around 500 people at the Woodcroft Festival. In the few days leading up to my performance, I was pretty anxious as to whether or not my Hypnotherapy Sessions would work (or not). And you reminded me about the ‘tools’ you have given me and that truly made a big difference as my mindset changed from ‘fearing’ the adrenaline rush, into just riding along with it and enjoying the moment.

I have to say though, based on this experience, hypnotherapy is not the magic pill I thought it would be – it is a work in progress, and I always have to remind myself to use the tools that you have programmed into my subconscious mind during our sessions. I have upcoming gigs on the 12th of November, 19th November, and 10th December. I still get the butterflies in my stomach when I think about my up coming performances, but instead of ‘fearing’ the adrenaline rush, I now know how to enjoy it, like being on a carnival ride…. because after all, this is what life is really all about…. a carnival ride.

Once again, thank you for helping me.

Best regards

Angelo -Actor, Singer


“Kelly provides practical tools that can be immediately applied to real life situations. She helped build out my tool kit with techniques to release limiting belief patterns, deal with disappointment, and trigger the right “go time” mental state for high performance.”  Danica Hampton- Athlete Weightlifter

“Kelly has a positive and professional setting out the process and method clearly as to what to expect and what is expected of you to get the most out of your time. I found this reassuring – in addition to the flexibility Kelly allows with how frequently to meet up, she really makes the engagement seamless. 

In sharing your problem you quickly realise you’ve just committed to seeing where it takes you. In my appointments the hypnotherapy was deep and impactful – requiring some recovery and reflection time which I had been told to expect. 

“Kelly’s guide-like approach and genuine desire to assist where she can gives me much comfort and confidence on my journey to better mental health.” 

Matt (Finance worker and athlete

“Kelly is excellent. A great help with mental preparation for my English Channel crossing as well as removing some bad habits I can live without.”

-Quinn Darragh- Swimmer (Swam the English Channel in 2020 and raised $145,000 for Running for Premature Babies.) 


“I honestly could not recommend the incredible techniques used in hypnotherapy / by Kelly highly enough. It is structured, rewiring and productive. She is very kind, respectful and supportive.

I came to her not knowing where my weight loss / emotional eating issues started and what causes were in or out of my control. I’ve so far lost 8kilos because of my MIND. I figured out that I can loose weight (post thyroid issues making it almost impossible) and how to deal with emotional eating habits.

Honestly, my life was turned around by my CRUCIAL sessions with Kelly and I will be going to her with any future complications.” EM Vocalist

“Incredible experience. Kelly is enormously talented. Just wish i’d connected sooner.” Tarryn Hc

“I connected with Kelly when I was struggling to keep my weight on track and was falling in to bad habits. I am incredibly glad that I found her. Kelly is easy to connect to, but professional and knowledgeable – an ideal combination when you need to trust that the person you are working with knows their stuff. I achieved a lot in a very short time, and find myself utilising the work we did regularly. Kelly helped me deal with my negative views and focus on a healthy and happy lifestyle.  I can not recommend Kelly more highly.” Lisa B Teacher

“Before coming to see Kelly, I engaged in binge eating, largely on chocolate, on and off for over 10 years. I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change, not only for me but for those that will one day look up to me. Kelly has changed my life. The work we did in the sessions empowered me to have self-control, something that I tried so hard to have but was never able to. I have never gone this long without needing, wanting, or thinking about chocolate. I feel like a weight has been lifted off me and that I am now able to be the person I have always wanted to be.


Kelly and I got on really well, which is largely due to her vibrant and kind personality. She made you work but supported you throughout the journey. I couldn’t think of anyone better to work with. Words cannot thank her enough for what she has helped me achieve.” H.S Teacher 



I decided to seek out some support for my anxiety when public speaking as I believe it will hinder my longer term career progression. My sessions with Kelly enabled me to unpack some of the reasons behind the anxiety but also give me some useful tips. The tips Kelly showed me were very practical and easy to implement in every day situations. I have taken away both these tools and a new found confidence with public speaking. I will never be fantastic at public speaking but I am now better able to manage my nerves and anxiety and present a much more confident and authentic version of myself.AM

I’ve done three sessions with Kelly and each time i experienced something radically different. I came to see Kelly about a blockage i had from my childhood with public speaking and being able to effective make my case in an argument as i was going into politics. On my first session i just unloaded all of the things i felt were holding me back using an incredibly practical technique, on the second we went to the core of the issues which was a difficult but worthwhile session and on the third i came to an incredible breakthrough which enabled me to get to the next level of where i want to go and it was all very practical with a scientific approach which i truly appreciated. I highly recommend Kelly and plan to continue working with her to unlock some more of my own potential.Sara Joyce

“I went to see Kelly when I’d been learning to surf for a while, but my progress had just stopped because I was really stuck in the fear of waves coming up from behind me. I was progressing in every other area, but I just froze in the water rather than paddle for waves a lot of the time and would often become emotional.

Over the course of a few sessions, Kelly helped my brain and body do surfing differently, rewiring me to have a different response to waves, as well as to empower me with a sense of confidence going forward. The hypno sessions seemed light and easy, but sank in at a deep level, and I found that within a couple of surfing sessions after my time with Kelly, I was just ‘going for it’ without fear in the water.

I have got to a place where I am much more relaxed and able to wait for ‘the right wave,’ feeling more vigilant and aware of both the conditions and my abilities, and this means that when I do paddle for a wave, I more often catch it and ride it well. It’s been a huge shift for me. I highly recommend Kelly for hypnotherapy if you’re in a situation where you feel stuck and want to change your response/behavior/attitude. I will definitely be back to see her the next time I feel stuck!”  Michelle Dixon -Holistic Life Coach & Writer

“Kelly is wonderful. Professional and attentive. She made me feel safe and supported during a difficult time of change in my life.”- Lucy Russell 


“We took our 11 year old son to see Kelly to try and deal with escalating anxiety at bed time. We are very happy to say that he has been able to let go of some of the main ‘anxiety behaviours’ he has been locked into the last few years and instead of the nightmare we were expecting in the lead up to starting high school, he has actually made a calm, relaxed and happy transition which we will forever be grateful for! He found the sessions with Kelly fun, light hearted and positive. We appreciate Kelly’s positivity, energy, professionalism and flexibility!” Meredith Silvester -Mother

Dear Kelly and Julie,

Thank you so much to you both – we really appreciate the assistance we, and our 7 year old son, have received from you. The approach you take with Family Hypnotherapy with Julie working with the parents and Kelly working with the child has just been fantastic and, as parents, has given us a real opportunity to understand how and why children learn particular behaviours and how we can assist them to learn new ones. We have felt involved as active partners in this process – which is the way it should be!

In addition to the tools you have given us, we also appreciate the non-judgmental approach you both take. With family and our son’s school, we often walk away feeling that we are all so fundamentally flawed or ‘not good’ (read: bad) parents/child. It can be so disheartening and disempowering. However, you have certainly made us feel that we are capable and that we are able to turn things around (which we have begun to do) and we have a calmer, more confident boy and calmer, happier family life! For this more than anything else, we thank you.

We wish you all the best in the future and would highly recommend your services to any parents looking for assistance with a child who has challenging behaviours and habits.

Warm regards,

Katie and Glenn


“The sessions with Kelly have given me a new start, giving me ways to address my long term issues with alcohol use and anxiety. Kelly has a great approach and was great at building a positive and relaxing environment to work on these issues. I would highly recommend her and her approach to hypnotherapy.”  MW

“Would 100% recommend Kelly to anyone interested in hypnotherapy, whether it be for limiting beliefs or health concerns. She was great to work with and her hypnotherapy has been incredibly helpful for me.” Rhiannon Bateman  Actress/Singer/Dancer

“I had bitten my nails for 40+ years, and now I don’t. I am getting fed up with filing them, but have to stop and appreciate what this really means. Thank you Kelly!” Ian Mountford

“Everyone need to see Kelly for a life time. She is one of the best at her job l have ever known. Most importantly, she can open all locks you can’t know even it’s exist.” Marcus Kara 

“Working with Kelly I was able to break some long term habits and learned behaviours that were getting in the way of me doing all the things I wanted to be doing and causing some anxiety. After just three visits I made a tonne more progress than I had done in the years trying to do this on my own. I thought about going to hypnotherapy for a long time and my only regret in the whole process is that I didn’t do this years ago. Thanks for all your help Kelly.”  Sarah. P



“I highly recommend mind training for performing artists. I’ve learnt some great techniques to control my nerves, giving me more confidence to be fully present and ‘play’ in a casting session. I can also now perform self hypnosis to create the outcome I want in my career. Our minds are truly powerful. Kelly will give you the key to unlock your potential.” Kristy Brooks- Actress

“Had a 3hour acting mind therapy class with Kelly and she was brilliant. A super interesting and powerful class. Would highly recommend :)”- Annie MacGregor

“Did a 3 hr class with Kelly as an acting workshop. Incredible! Any creative would benefit x100 by working with her!”- Amy Nelson 

“I had the pleasure of attending a workshop on “The actors mindset” with Kelly Robinson. She was fabulous and her exercises are extremely useful, simple and yet profound easy to take on as tools to use into the future. Combining NLP, mild hypnosis techniques with there own pedagogy she allows you to know you can change mindsets, some to do with beliefs, some to do with events, and from the past present and future.

We did this as a group and it was a simple, demystifying format which as an acting teacher of some 30 plus years I appreciated. The way Kelly took us through the exercises allowed us to believe we could implement them ourselves.

Mindset is an interesting thing: commonly we wait until we need to deal with anxieties: however you can also deal with esteem/efficacies, self sabotage thinking and setting up future aspirations.

I would recommend these workshops to anyone: even those of you who think you are travelling well. It is focussed on actors but anyone can do them and get something out of them. If you would rather get some specific work done it might need to be one on one.

It is my privilege to recommend Kelly. Effective, sometimes almost miraculous in its simple solutions to complex thoughts, you can indeed refine and focus your thinking. Do it…..”   Andrew Lloyde Acting Tutor-  FORMER HEAD OF THE FULL TIME PROGRAMME: ACTORS CENTRE AUSTRALIA, FORMER HEAD OF ACTING: WESTERN AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS (WAAPA

“I recently attended Kelly Robinson’s Mind Training for Performing Artists Workshop. I wondered how much benefit I would gain from it, since I work behind the camera, not in front of it. It turns out that her knowledge and advice are just as applicable to freelancers working in almost any creative industry. In a way, we are all performing artists!

Kelly addresses key performance and mindset issues as they relate to the unknowns of our profession. She shares tools and techniques that are useful for people from all areas of production life.

If you’ve ever suffered from self-doubt or onset jitters, then Kelly’s course has something to offer. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in the entertainment industry.” Matt G -DOP, Filmaker

“Kelly offers quick, powerful and effective techniques that get right to the heart of anxiety. I was able to face and overcome underlying anxiety issues that had been holding me back from my everyday ability to function, as well as perform at work. Kelly was also able to help me regain belief in myself and keep me on track in achieving my own goals, and in managing my expectations. Thank you!

I attended Kelly’s actor Mind training workshop, where she was able to help quickly and effectively with easing performance and audition anxiety. Her techniques are so empowering and generous that you feel, think, listen, visualise and act with greater sincerity and clarity. She clears the path to be your true self. Big Thank you Kelly. Ben Dewstow  Actor

“I was recently in Sydney for a week to attend my son’s AFTRS graduation, and was lucky enough to register for an extraordinary one-day workshop at the HubStudio – Kelly Robinson’s “Mind Training For Performing Artists”. Kelly is a Master Hypnotist and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, and her workshop was an opportunity to learn how to understand and begin to take control of the sub-conscious mind. This area of the mind is defined as”of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one’s actions and feelings”. This was a chance to learn techniques for how to get rid of any kind of fear or anxiety, especially with auditioning or performing, and to finally eliminate those negative voices in our heads that hold us back and prevent us from performing at our best.


 I am practising the techniques now on a regular basis, and next time I am in Sydney I will continue learning with Kelly. I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough…” Steve Stubbs Executive Producer at Pacific Island Films, P/L

“Hi. Loved your workshop. Information on point regarding what happens to us when push comes to shove . Your workshop was informative & helpful for acting. Gathered a great set of tools & will use them accordingly.” Dave Actor

“After attending one of Kelly’s day courses at the Hub studios, I decided to see her for some private sessions to work through some personal issues that I felt were holding me back in my career as an actor. I can confidently say this was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Kelly helped me find the root of a negative belief I had about myself and I was able to let it go, replacing it with a positive mantra. Since seeing Kelly I have been more positive, more confident in myself and my ability as an actor. Kelly was so easy to work with. She was always so professional and I felt really comfortable opening up to her without any judgment. I highly recommend both Kelly and hypnotherapy as a way to release negative energy and move forward with your life.”  Nicole Robinson  Actress


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