Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking is the healthiest, fastest and most effective technique to quit smoking for good.  The reason Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking success rates are so high is because the unconscious mind loves habit. So the only way to stop a habit is to access the powerful unconscious.

Neuro-scientists are constantly doing more research into modern NLP and Hypnosis techniques. What they have learnt is that everyone is different. Every brain is different. So every choice we make in our lives is fuelled by something different. One way of thinking or working may or may not work for another person. For this reason traditional hypnosis techniques such as hypnosis tapes or pre written scripts are less effective. So they may only give short term relief to a smoker.

This is why Creative Minds Hypnotherapy uses modern Hypnosis and NLP techniques catered to your brain and how it works. This helps to get to root of the smoking problem. In addition to that we empower you with Mind Tools catered to you for you to use in any environment where you might be triggered to smoke. Ultimately there for you to use for the rest of your life ensuring that you quit smoking for good. 

Hypnosis is 3 times as effective as using Nicotine patches and 15 times more effective than willpower!”

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Sydney

“Hypnosis for smoking cessation has a 90.6% success rate!”

Hand stopping smoking hypnotherapy


"Several friends told me they'd successfully quit smoking through hypnosis. I’d managed to cut down but as much as I wanted to stop smoking I just didn’t think I was capable of taking that final step. I spoke to a number of hypnotherapists and was impressed with Kelly’s calm and gentle manner and her lack of pushy hard sell. I really enjoyed the process of hypnosis and how it left me feeling. I finished my first session with Kelly confident that I was going to be able to do it! Kelly gave me a number of techniques to use if I was challenged and it certainly got easier after the first couple of weeks."
Margaret Frisk
Quit Smoking

Creative Minds Hypnotherapy is based in Sydney and has two clinic locations. We have our Inner City Surry Hills Sydney clinic and our Blue Mountains Springwood clinic.



Springwood, Blue Mountains NSW 2777

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Servicing areas of Western Sydney such as Penrith, Kingswood, Springwood, Winmalee, Blaxland, Glenbrook, Lawson, Wentworth Falls, Leura, Katoomba and Blackheath.

Sydney Clinic Space 311/410 Elizabeth st Surry Hills 2010

Limited availability. Online sessions are available. For more info click here.