A 1973 study – the study that led to that popular myth – found that 41 percent of surveyed adults were afraid of public speaking, compared to just 19 percent who said death. More recently that number has been reiterated. A Gallup Poll conducted in 2000 found 40 percent of people said they feared public speaking. And according to the poll, public speaking was the second most common fear, behind only a fear of snakes.

“Creative Minds Hypnotherapy is Australia’s first Hypnotherapy clinic that specialises in Performance and Public Speaking anxiety.

During a Creative Minds Hypnotherapy session, you will be guided to a highly relaxed, yet highly aware, state of mind into your subconscious. You can bypass your critical mind – the mind that analyzes all information that you hear – and work directly on the part of the mind that holds all the unhealthy information that’s holding your public speaking fear in place. You will be equipped with powerful mind tools in order to employ them for the rest of your life and thrive in public speaking.


"I've done three sessions with Kelly and each time i experienced something radically different. I came to see Kelly about a blockage i had from my childhood with public speaking and being able to effective make my case in an argument as i was going into politics. On my first session i just unloaded all of the things i felt were holding me back using an incredibly practical technique, on the second we went to the core of the issues which was a difficult but worthwhile session and on the third i came to an incredible breakthrough which enabled me to get to the next level of where i want to go and it was all very practical with a scientific approach which i truly appreciated. I highly recommend Kelly and plan to continue working with her to unlock some more of my own potential."
Sarah Joyce

Creative Minds Hypnotherapy is based in Sydney and has two clinic locations. We have our Inner City Surry Hills clinic and our Inner West Newtown clinic. 



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