Hypnotherapy for habits & addictions can get to the core of the issues that cause us to feel trapped and powerless in our addictions, such as: sugar, alcohol, coffee or other drugs, nail biting, gambling, mobile phones, texting, sex or shopping just to name a few. Many of these can be burdensome and effect our lives negatively. Some ‘socially acceptable’ addictions such as work, relationships power and material gain, can still have negative consequences.

Hypnotherapy for phone addiction
Hypnotherapy alcohol addiction

“Replace your negative, unwanted habits & addictions with new, positive and healthy behaviors in order to thrive in life!

Attempting to rid yourself of a bad habit or addiction with willpower alone is often unsuccessful. Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious mind allowing direct access to the subconscious. In the hypnotic state, we can uncover the core issue and give you powerful mind tools to replace the old unwanted patterns with new positive ones. Creative Minds Hypnotherapy offers highly effective and personalised service to address the unique issues at hand.

Hypnotherapy for shopping addiction
Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction


"Working with Kelly I was able to break some long term habits and learned behaviours that were getting in the way of me doing all the things I wanted to be doing and causing some anxiety. After just three visits I made a tonne more progress than I had done in the years trying to do this on my own. I thought about going to hypnotherapy for a long time and my only regret in the whole process is that I didn't do this years ago. Thanks for all your help Kelly."
Sarah P

Creative Minds Hypnotherapy is based in Sydney and has two clinic locations. We have our Inner City Surry Hills Sydney clinic and our Blue Mountains Springwood clinic.



Springwood, Blue Mountains NSW 2777

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Servicing areas of Western Sydney such as Penrith, Kingswood, Springwood, Winmalee, Blaxland, Glenbrook, Lawson, Wentworth Falls, Leura, Katoomba and Blackheath.

Sydney Clinic Space 311/410 Elizabeth st Surry Hills 2010

Limited availability. Online sessions are available. For more info click here.