Overwhelming sadness or grief is a natural emotion when tragedy or the loss of a loved one happens to you. Most of us can relate to a friend losing a sibling, spouse, or parent. When it happens to us personally, it takes on a different dimension. For some, grieving is a process which does not improve over time; it may even become worse.

If this is the case for you, then you may experience continued feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, anger and blame, frequent intrusive thoughts about the person you have lost and about their death, preoccupation with your grief, or find that almost everyone and everything is a reminder of your loss. You may be unable to go about your daily routine or function normally.

Hypnotherapy helps you to begin to move on, to begin to live your life again and to learn to enjoy yourself once more without feeling guilty. Creative Minds Hypnotherapy gives clients powerful mind tools to thrive!

The physical symptoms of grief present themselves in many ways. Some individuals experience headaches, fatigue, nausea, insomnia, or weight gain. Others may experience completely different symptoms and sleep excessively, work constantly, or lose weight.


"I saw Kelly last year for a few months & she was brilliant. I felt so safe every session & she really helped me with what was occurring in my life at the time. I frequently refer to her techniques and intensions that were set. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone."
Shannon Nutt

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