In today’s modern and busy world there are increasing options for getting the mental health support you need. To make things easier, Creative Minds Hypnotherapy offers Online Hypnotherapy Sessions for clients unable to come to the clinic or who may live interstate or overseas.
We are committed to upholding the best Hypnotherapy services to clients both face to face and through online video calls. Below are some frequently asked questions about how Online Hypnotherapy Sessions work.Β 
Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

FAQ about Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

Q: Does it still work?

A: Yes absolutely. I see clients regularly over Skype from the US, UK and Europe and the work is just as effective. As long as you are in a quiet place where you can focus and relax Skype Hypnotherapy Sessions are just as effective as in person sessions.Β 

Q: Can I get stuck in Hypnosis if the internet cuts out and never be able to wake up?

A: No. If that did happen you would just gradually wake yourself up as if you were day dreaming feeling relaxed and calm. Your mind is always there to protect you. I also always put in a suggestion at the beginning that “If you for whatever reason the internet cuts out and you can no longer hear my voice you will wake relaxed, fresh, taking on all my positive suggestions and ready to reconnect with me.”

Q: Can you control me in Hypnosis?

A: No I cannot control you. If I could I would be on a desert island with Michael Fassbender πŸ™‚Β 

Q: If my child or someone needs me during the session would it undo the work if they interrupt the session whilst I am in Hypnosis?

A: No. You can just wake yourself up, deal with the problem and go back into Hypnosis. In fact the more you go in and out of Hypnosis the deeper you go each time which is fantastic!!Β 

Q: What do you use for Online Hypnotherapy Sessions?

A:Β  I see clients via Zoom, Skype and FaceTime so there’s lots of flexibility there.

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