Many Australian’s have fears and phobias. Some may experience mild discomfort, while others may suffer complex physical and emotional reactions that limit thier lifestyle. Common phobias include fear of animals, flying, dentists, hospitals, heights, lifts, open or enclosed spaces. Sufferers often feel short of breath, get heart racing, sweating and abdominal pain when they are confronted with the stimulus. Often there is a significant decrease in the quality of life because people try to avoid the triggering stimuli and withdraw socially. Hypnotherapy for fears and phobias is an effective way to overcome your fears and empower you to thrive in life!

Phobias can cause shortness of breath, racing heart, sweating & abdominal pain.

Hypnotherapy for fears and phobias Sydney


"I went to see Kelly when I’d been learning to surf for a while, but my progress had just stopped because I was really stuck in the fear of waves coming up from behind me. I was progressing in every other area, but I just froze in the water rather than paddle for waves a lot of the time and would often become emotional. Over the course of a few sessions, Kelly helped my brain and body do surfing differently, rewiring me to have a different response to waves, as well as to empower me with a sense of confidence going forward. The hypno sessions seemed light and easy, but sank in at a deep level, and I found that within a couple of surfing sessions after my time with Kelly, I was just ‘going for it’ without fear in the water. I have got to a place where I am much more relaxed and able to wait for ‘the right wave,’ feeling more vigilant and aware of both the conditions and my abilities, and this means that when I do paddle for a wave, I more often catch it and ride it well. It’s been a huge shift for me. I highly recommend Kelly for hypnotherapy if you’re in a situation where you feel stuck and want to change your response/behavior/attitude. I will definitely be back to see her the next time I feel stuck!"
Michelle Dixon

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